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7.1 The Pearl of Death

The Pearl of Death

The famous Borgia Pearl, a valuable gem with a history of bringing murder and misfortune to its owner since the days of the Borgias, is brought to London, thanks in part to Sherlock Holmes. But before long the jewel is stolen, due to an error on Holmes' part, and shortly thereafter, a series of horrible murders begin, the murderer leaving his victims with their spines snapped and surrounded by a mass of smashed china.

1944 Crime 69 min Play
6.1 The Curse of the Cat People

The Curse of the Cat People

Amy, the young, friendless daughter of Oliver and Alice Reed, befriends her father's late first wife and an aging, reclusive actress.

1944 Drama 70 min Play
6.7 How to Play Football

How to Play Football

Taking all the places on both teams, Goofy demonstrates the game of football with varying results, having problems with the coach and the goal post.

1944 Animation 7 min Play
6.9 The Scarlet Claw

The Scarlet Claw

A woman is found dead -- with her throat torn out. Villagers blame a supernatural source but Holmes has other ideas.

1944 Action 74 min Play
7.5 Oklahoma Raiders

Oklahoma Raiders

In this western, two cowboys go to buy fresh horses for the cavalry and end up taking on two badguys and a female vigilante.

1944 Music 57 min Play
4.5 Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter

In this romantic wartime comedy, four female defense plant workers share a house with four male workers. The situation is on the up and up as the men and women work different shifts and they are only making due because there is a housing shortage. Unfortunately, they soon begin to fight about who gets the house during certain hours. Romance ensues.

1944 Comedy 75 min Play
0 The Big Bonanza

The Big Bonanza

Having been falsely court marshaled for cowardice and sentenced to prison by the Army, Jed Kilton escapes and heads to Nevada Springs to see his kid brother. There he meets his old school friend Sam Ballou. But the two old friends soon find themselves on opposite sides and Sam has Jed arrested. Then when Jed's young brother sees one of Sam's men kill another man, the boy becomes Sam's intended victim.

1944 Drama 68 min Play
7.1 Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet Me in St. Louis

In the year before the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, the four Smith daughters learn lessons of life and love, even as they prepare for a reluctant move to New York.

1944 Comedy 113 min Play
4.8 Gentle Annie

Gentle Annie

The Goss family live on a farm they call the dust bowl where the wind blows during the day and the coyotes howl at night. When the train is robbed, everyone thinks that Cotton and Violet were the ones that did the job, but no one has any proof. US Marshal Lloyd Richland comes into town in disguise to find the truth and he finds that the sheriff is corrupt and that the Goss family is gosh darn nice. They take in Richland and a stranded woman named Mary without any questions. Cotton believes ...

1944 Romance 80 min Play
6.3 Casanova Brown

Casanova Brown

Cass Brown is about to marry for the second time; his first marriage, to Isabel was annulled. But when he discovers that Isabel just had their baby, Cass kidnaps the infant to keep her from being adopted. Isabel's parents hunt for the child and discover that Cass and Isabel are still hopelessly in love.

1944 Comedy 94 min Play
5.2 Storm Over Lisbon

Storm Over Lisbon

A nightclub star helps trap an enemy agent on the trail of an American newsman.

1944 Mystery 100 min Play
7.4 The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window

A seductive woman gets an innocent professor mixed up in murder.

1944 Crime 99 min Play
6.4 Cover Girl

Cover Girl

A nightclub dancer makes it big in modeling, leaving her dancer boyfriend behind.

1944 Comedy 107 min Play
6.5 Address Unknown

Address Unknown

When a German art dealer living in the US returns to his native country he finds himself attracted to Nazi propaganda.

1944 Drama 75 min Play
8.2 Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity

A rich woman and a calculating insurance agent plot to kill her unsuspecting husband after he signs a double indemnity policy. Against a backdrop of distinctly Californian settings, the partners in crime plan the perfect murder to collect the insurance, which pays double if the death is accidental.

1944 Crime 107 min Play
7.5 Gaslight


A newlywed fears she's going mad when strange things start happening at the family mansion.

1944 Crime 114 min Play
6.1 House of Frankenstein

House of Frankenstein

An evil scientist and a hunchback escape from prison and encounter Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster.

1944 Horror 71 min Play
5.5 Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble

Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble

Andy is going to Wainwright College as did his father. He sees a pretty blonde on the train and he is alternately winked at or slapped every time he sees her. Andy is clueless. On the train Andy meets Kay and Dr. Standish who are both headed for Wainwright. Andy likes Kay, but Dr. Standish also seems to take an interest in her. Things are going well at College with Kay, but the blonde is nice one minute and ignores Andy the next. When Andy finds out that the blonde is really identical ...

1944 Comedy 107 min Play
7.7 Laura


A police detective falls in love with the woman whose murder he's investigating.

1944 Drama 88 min Play
6.6 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

In the wake of Pearl Harbor, a young lieutenant leaves his expectant wife to volunteer for a secret bombing mission which will take the war to the Japanese homeland.

1944 Drama 138 min Play
7 Maisie Goes to Reno

Maisie Goes to Reno

A Brooklyn showgirl gets mixed up in a divorce between a soldier and his wife.

1944 Comedy 90 min Play
3 Jamboree


A trio of competing bands vie for a spot on a rural radio program.

1944 Comedy 71 min Play
7 Dead Man’s Eyes

Dead Man’s Eyes

Artist David Stuart is blinded by a jealous assistant / model. His fiance's father generously offers his eyes for a sight restoring operation. There's only one hitch: Stuart has to wait until after the man dies. Not surprisingly, when the benefactor dies a very premature death, suspicion falls on the artist.

1944 Crime 64 min Play
6.6 Weird Woman

Weird Woman

While on a South Seas trip, a professor falls in love with marries an exotic native woman. What he doesn't know is that she was raised by superstitious natives who believe her to be some kind of supernatural being.

1944 Horror 64 min Play